ENGAGE New Mexico


Welcome to the ENGAGE New Mexico Program resource page. This page contains a set of tools we hope will be helpful for communicating about the program with staff and families in your community. 


Notify your Data or PowerSchool Coordinator about program participation.

Student referrals. Click here for instructions and click here for the template.

LEA contact list. Click here to complete the LEA contact list.

District-to-parent communication strategy. Prior to uploading student referral lists to our secure file transfer site, review and implement the Parent/Community Resources provided below. It is a best practice to share these materials with families in advance of our outreach to them.

Staff awareness. You can use any combination of communication tools from this site, including the Staff Resources, to help get the word out about the program. Your Program Manager is also available to facilitate program overviews for staff.

Dashboard training and ongoing program progress reviews. Your Program Manager will reach out to schedule these reviews with the primary point of contact for the program.


For information about participating in the program or about online and student engagement strategies, please contact:

Christian Shiverdecker
Graduation Alliance
Attendance Recovery Account Manager

505.814.6272 christian.shiverdecker@graduationalliance.com

For all other questions, Christian can route you to the right person.